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Personnel Security

This film is for anyone who has a security role within the UK national infrastructure or responsibility for security in crowded places. Through interviews, advice and re-enactments the film seeks to help the viewer recognise suspicious behaviour more readily, clarify the context of such behaviour through questioning and have the confidence to report suspicious incidents.

Dealing with difficult people

Data Protection Awareness

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Below you can find your employee handbook. We advise you that you take moment to read it as it includes all the relevant information regarding your employment with OM Security

Employee handbook

Fire Warden Information

GDPR Rules

GDPR Awareness

Alliance Mobile Security

Forms that you may find useful…

Working Time Regulations Opt out form

Please fill in the opt out form and send it back to us if you wish over 48 hours a week.

Holiday Request form

Fill in this form to request time off. Holiday form should be submitted at least 6 weeks before holiday is taken. Please ensure that you holiday form is in line with the Company Policy and site specific rules regarding holidays taken. You must ensure that your request is approved before you take time off or book any holidays. Leave taken without consent will be dealt in accordance with the formal disciplinary procedures.

Next of Kin amendment

If any of your personal information has changed recently including the details of your next of kin please inform us by filling this form.

Uniform Request Sheet

Fill in the uniform issue sheet, if you need a new uniform to be issued. Please return the request form to our Office in Ashford.
It is your responsibility to ensure that the sizes requested are correct

ID badge and Uniform Return Form

If you know longer work for OM Security please return your ID badge, and uniform along with the Return form filled and signed.

Wage Queries

Please fill in this form if you have any wage queries. State clearly what the query is and to what shift it relates to.

Change of personal details

Please use this form to notify us of any changes of address, telephone or mobile number

Bank details change

It is important to notify us immediately if your bank accounts details have changed. Always remember that OM Security is not responsible for any unpaid wages due to incorrect information provided to us or failure to update your bank account details. Any changes should be send to us at least 7 days before your pay day.