OM Security Ltd aims to provide all of our clients with the option to receive all support services they require from one innovative and effective supplier.

OM Security Ltd promotes training and development and emphasises the value of active customer service as a vital tool to both gain competitive advantage and exceed client expectations.

To achieve this mission we must embrace the following values and work ethics within our organisation.

Strive for quality and excellence in everything that we do

Foster a “we can do” culture by working with commitment and enthusiasm

Have a clear view of the high standards expected of us and strive to maintain them

Take personal and team ownership for our work

Company Values

To bring out the best in everyone
We respect honesty, listen to each other’s ideas and opinions, and are open, fair and informative.

To get everyone working together
We encourage everyone to participate, work in a team, help one another and maintain a happy working environment.

To be the best in the Industry
We understand our changing market, set clear standards of performance, encourage people to make decisions and solve problems quickly.

Ideal Reputation

With Customers
OM Security respond quickly in a helpful way, produce creative ideas, give value for money and supply the right services on time.

Amongst Ourselves
We help and support each other, work as a team, actively recognise efforts and results and all share in the Company’s success.

With Suppliers
OM Security agree and expect clear standards, keep their promises, treat us honestly and fairly and support us well.

Our Business Aim
To successfully supply services and products and continue to evolve efficiently in a faster, connected new world