OM Security Ltd are specialists in the supply and installation of integrated digital CCTV Management Systems that are designed according to each client’s unique requirements. An intelligent digital CCTV management system by OM Metropolitan Total Security Ltd not only presents operators with the information that they need to act upon but also provides management with instant retrieval of vital recorded footage.

The OM Security Ltd option is not simply a security system; it also allows management to focus on productivity improvement, loss control, safety management, procedural audits, equipment maintenance, time and motion studies and ensures that managers and staff spend time where they are needed most in their operational functions.

Our CCTV Management Systems can also be used for a number of domestic and commercial applications.

Remote Access
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go on vacation, knowing you could see what’s happening at your home or business anytime, from anywhere? Wished you could monitor office/factory/store productivity at other locations? Wanted to review how employees serve you and your clients? Now you can do all of this, and more.

In addition to standard CCTV systems, OM Metropolitan Total Security Ltd can enable any CCTV application to be accessible on any PC in the world with an Internet connection. In fact we can install remote CCTV practically anywhere with the use of PSTN, Broadband or GSM communication technologies. Remote CCTV allows greater security and can speed up response times to alarms as well as increase the chance of solving or capturing any crime or accident.

Why Buy CCTV from us?
Not only do we offer quality products, our services go the extra mile to give you peace of mind. Our CCTV Installations are performed by qualified professionals and our Maintenance Contracts will ensure your system runs efficiently for years to come.

Contact us for custom CCTV applications.

Installation: CCTV and Alarms installed by qualified professionals. Your property is surveyed before installation is carried out to provide correct materials and plan a clean discreet job.

Maintenance: Maintenance contracts to ensure systems are operating at optimum performance with regular adjustments & upgrade to provide long life & usefulness.

CCTV Cameras
Choose from a range of cameras from standard to wireless, night vision, high definition, PTZ dome, hidden/covert & the latest IP cameras.

CCTV Recording
Digital recording offers many advantages over standard VCR recording. With longer recording times, better quality video, remote access & less fuss, upgrade your system today or choose a DVR for a better system.

PC CCTV systems offer the greatest flexibility with powerful motion detection & remote access facilities including 2 way audio, remote playback & networking for mass capacity.

Remote access your CCTV from anywhere in the world. Watch live CCTV, recorded Video or even control camera positions. Our DVR & PC range all have remote access.

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