OM security provides a cost effective alternative where a continuous manned guarding presence is not required. These well equipped search and response units make random mobile security patrols of client’s premises (business and residential), through the night and at weekends – to ensure the secure closure of all external doors, gates and windows.

The surrounding areas are also patrolled and observed for unusual presences and suspicious activity.


When you engage our Mobile Security Services we will carry out different visits at random times so as not to develop a routine pattern. We will report upon the security of your premises and property as required.

To further enhance the security of your premises we also provide warning notices which are a high profile deterrent at the perimeter of your property.

Our fully trained patrols supervisors can check your premises during the vulnerable hours and deal with important security issues such as:

  • Setting and unsetting of alarms
  • Checking windows and doors to ensure they are locked and secure
  • Switching on and off of lights and equipment
  • Checking for any potential fire or flood hazards

Feel free to get in touch with our experienced mobile patrol team to see how we can help your business.