According to a 2006 Fit3 worker survey, around 16 per cent of workers in Britain will have been subjected to either verbal or physical abuse whilst at work.

A lone worker will be, due to the nature of their work, even more vulnerable to such attacks, so it makes sense to take out a lone worker protection plan with OM Security, just in case the worst should happen to your employee while working alone.


Many lone workers are even more vulnerable to threats and physical assaults than others in the workforce; whether you’re a community nurse visiting patients in their homes or property inspectors attending a block of flats the risk of an incident is there.

OM Security lone worker solution offers the reassurance you need that you or your staff have the support available, 24/7, from a dedicated team of trained professionals.

For employers our solution helps your staff feel more secure and confident, helps you know you’re taking the necessary precautions to protect your staff and also helps to meet your health and safety requirements.

Feel free to get in touch with our experienced lone worker protection team on 0178 489 5001 or to see how we can help.