At OM Security Ltd, our handlers are trained and qualified to B.I.P.D.T and N.A.S.D.U standards for guard dogs. We provide first class protection with our dogs for a wide range of applications, from event security to private residential patrols.

For hundreds of years dogs have been used to guard and protect, psychologically demoralising to criminals, security dogs have been an unrivalled deterrent.


Today more and more individuals and companies in the UK are turning to highly trained security or protection dogs to guarantee the security of the people and things most important to them.

We pride ourselves on employing the very best dog teams, controlling the best trained guard dogs and patrol dogs. Our handlers and dogs are a unique asset with many benefits over CCTV and traditional security guarding. There is no doubt security dog handling is a cost effective answer to protecting larger areas or open space where multiple personnel are required.

Feel free to get in touch with our experienced security dog handling team on 0178 489 5001 or to see how we can help.